by guesstimating the cost of your garments?

Are you losing money

Are you losing money by guestimating the cost of your garments?

We've put together a GARMENT COSTING SHEET to help you to stay on top of your expenses!

Our story

Founded in 2003 by Nailya Belkacemi, you’ll find our fashion manufacturer and sampling studio in North West London.

Beginning life as a one-woman operation, we’ve grown into a dedicated creative team of machinists and pattern cutters. People who, just like you, understand and love the fashion industry.

We are not simply a manufacturing studio.

For every project, we listen, learn and create a partnership. Our priority is the same as yours: delivering results and growth for your business.

Pattern Cutting


Patterns that build your business. Develop your reputation and make more sales with expertly crafted, creative patterns.

Tailors Dummy


Perfect, design-making samples. Realise your creative vision with samples that help you see and do more.

Pattern Grading


Accurate sizing. Create a fashion range that fits your customers faultlessly and helps you scale your business.

Garment Production


From a single garment to a production run of 250. Get meticulously made garments on your shop floor, to your deadline.

Fashion Consultants


Develop your own garment business. Learn from founder Nailya and senior associate Victor so you can fast-track your success.

Why Should you work with us?

We only work with high-end fashion retailers and designers
If you have a strong creative vision, we’ll support you to realise it. We focus on small and medium-sized production runs for the luxury end of the fashion market. 

We’re an ethical supplier 
Our locally-employed, London-based team produces brand-building ethical fashion. We’d love you to visit our studio, take photos, shoot videos and share them with your customers.

We’re meticulous about quality
Your customers demand perfect quality garments, made with real care. That’s exactly what we’ll provide.

We’ll be part of your in-house team
We can be an add-on to your in-house technical team. Our experienced pattern cutters and machinists can fill your own team’s skill gaps and work alongside you.

We’ll take you from sketch to catwalk
We’ll deliver garments from initial sketch to high-volume production, as your collaborator and creative partner.