Pattern Grading And Markers

The Essence Of Grading

You will need grading when you start producing your garments in a range of sizes.

We will take your base pattern and re-create in a variety of sizes, following your grading chart.

pattern grading001
an example techpack

The Grading Process

We advise to begin the grading process only after you have fully developed your samples and amended your patterns. 

Your patters and grading spec would have to be ready for grading. We can check patterns and the grading chart if required. Please inquire about charges.

Please note all the grading patterns are printed out on paper. We do not use card at our studio.

Grading Rules


We can help you develop your company grading rules and size charts.

Your customers will, naturally, expect consistency of fit across your brand, and so your company grading rules should reflect your market and your ambitions. Each customer base is different and your grading rules will need to match the customers you want. 

Getting grading right can be a significant contributor to gaining more sales and growing your reputation and your business.

Pattern Cutting Tools


Most frequent questions and answers about our grading services.
  • Digitally graded paper patterns to your size specifications.
  • A digital file in DXF. RUL. format.

No, we provide a paper pattern. If your clothing patterns were made digitally, you’ll receive a digital garment pattern in DXF RUL format.

We have a minimum charge for grading based on three sizes and one to four pattern pieces. 

Grading rules and the size charts cost extra. Here’s our price list.

Do not  grade any patterns unless you are 100% happy with the fit and know that the patterns are ready for production. Amendments and alterations of graded patters is not cost effective option.

No, grading charges do not include tech pack, pattern alterations or grading spec development.

We have sets of rules which we could offer  for your consideration. Also, we could closely work with you to help you to develop your own branded set of rules.

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