Clothing Production

With every project our focus is on accuracy, quality and consistency.

We know that as a designer it’s hard to turn over your creative designs to someone else to make. We also know that as a fashion business your success depends on having garments on your shop floor or ready to show on the catwalk on time.

With a low minimum order quantity we are a perfect solution for the high-end, evening wear and bridal wear designers.

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Working With Us

We are entirely London based. All of your garments are made by our experienced team of machinists and pattern cutters right here in the UK. We do not outsource any of our orders.

You will get a streamlined process and clear timetable, so you are able to predict your datelines and have your clothes on the shop floor on time.


Our Process

Careful planning is at the root of our success – and yours.

As a busy studio we ask you to book your space in our schedule at least one month before you want production to start. 

The process starts with a consultation meeting in which we ascertain your requirements, creative vision and business goals. We will set out a timetable for manufacturing your garments that will fit our schedule and meet your datelines.

We will of course work in collaboration with you, communicating throughout the different stages of production.

Before any production run we will produce a pre-production sample for your approval. 



Most frequent questions and answers about our garment production.

You can contact us any time for an informal chat about your project. 

For all projects, if you have a technical pack, we’ll be able to quote.

For pattern cutting and sampling projects, if you don’t yet have your technical pack, we can quote using email sketches, inspirational images and a description. You’ll need to tell u:

  • The fabric you want to use.
  • The seam finish you want.
  • The linings and interlinings you want.

For production projects, we always need your technical pack.

To get started, email us with your planned start and delivery dates, order size and technical pack or description.

Yes. We charge VAT and provide detailed VAT invoices with every completed order.

Our VAT registration number is GB981 4390 0198

We can’t allow people in the studio unless they’re directly involved in the manufacturing process. We work on multiple projects for different designers and their privacy is important. 

But we do collaborate closely with designers, and are happy to meet you in our meeting area. 

Yes, we can book a courier to collect or deliver, and will add the delivery charge to your invoice. Please note that we can’t take responsibility for your items in transit.

We’re happy for you to arrange small orders (sampling lengths of fabric, swatches and small trimmings orders) to be delivered straight to us. Make sure you include your name and style ID as a reference, and make out the address label to:

Plus SamplesUnit B1, Summer Court, Maybury Gardens London NW10 2NB

For larger, bulk fabric orders, talk to us first. We’ll be happy to take your order if we have enough space to receive and store it safely. We might have to refuse large deliveries if not agreed in advance.

For all orders, if you need customs clearance, you’ll need to arrange it. We can’t take responsibility for your order while it’s in transit or for its condition when it arrives at our studio.

It’s your responsibility to check quality and standards of the delivered materials. 

We supply stitching threads free of charge from our vast range, including a wide range of colours and thicknesses. 

Most of our clients can find the thread we need from our range. If we don’t have the thread you want, we ask you to supply it.

We can also supply interlinings, stay tapes, shoulder pads and basic trimmings at extra cost. If you prefer to supply these yourself, we can suggest suppliers.


We will invoice you once we’ve completed your order, for payment before you collect your garments. 

We don’t offer credit.

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