Well executed garment samples are a pre-requisite to a successful fashion line.

Garment Samples

A sample is the shop front of your brand and will showcase your design and to your potential buyers. It is vitally important to get the fit and make right.

We understand the impact samples will have on your brand and we are putting all the effort into creating samples that made with the excellence your design deserves and win orders.

an exaple of our work for designer
Pocket Flap Topstitching

What we can do for you

In the current competitive environment, your creativity and brand signature are what will set you apart from the competition.

We will help you develop your fashion collection and create your first samples with a creative approach yet commercially viable.

We can work from your sketch, inspirational images or garments.  Actively support you through the fitting and toiling stages, taking it all the way to the pre-production sample.

We have real fashion industry experience

As much as we think creatively, we always have a commercial approach to the sampling. We work collaboratively with you and your team to develop a product that will sell without taking away from the essence of your idea of the design. 


nailya and bunmi

Service Package
This is how it works.


Email Consultation to establish initial requirements.  

Discovery Call

Discovery Call – going further in depth, establishing an estimated timeline and costs. 


Solidify timeline and what it takes to make it happen

Aprox. Estimate

Approximate costs to get to the finishing line

Face To Face Studio Meeting

Meeting to agree on final outcomes and costs. 

Prototype To The Finished Product

Final prototype before production.

*We can create samples from the patterns that are made somewhere else or help you develop patterns in-house. 


Most frequent questions and answers about our sampling services

We work with a huge range of garments and fabrics, which means we can’t give you a price list for samples. 


To get an estimate for sample development, send us your sketches, technical pack and garment description.


We’ll get back to you with a free quote.

We do not have a minimum order size for samples.

We can’t allow people in the studio unless they’re directly involved in the manufacturing process. We work on multiple projects for different designers and their privacy is important. 

But we do collaborate closely with designers, and are happy to meet you in our meeting area. 

We will if it’s possible. We’ll need to examine your sample and evaluate the amount of work and type of alterations required. We can then let you know if alteration is possible and give you a quote

It very depends on the complexity of your garment and our spare capacity at the given time. We’ll give you a rough outline for the critical path after our initial assessment of your project.

We can’t. To produce a sample, we need to make a pattern. Find out about pattern making.

Yes, we are happy to work with the patterns developed in other studios or by freelance pattern cutters.

Contact us to discuss your options