We’re a high-quality clothing manufacturer in London. Working with designers and retailers on sampling, grading and production.

Three pattern cutters discuss how to properly prepare the fabric

About Us

We’ll take your designs from a sketch to the catwalk.

We are a busy, well-established high-quality clothing manufacturer based in London. We work with top-end fashion designers and retailers on garment sampling, grading and production.

You might be a brand new start up looking for your very first samples. Or you might be an established fashion house looking for collaborative, friendly garment production.

We know the commitment it takes to make it in the fashion industry. We know your ideas are everything to you. And we know the importance of getting every single stitch perfect.

a professional atelier nailya belkacemi drapes a high quality fabric over a model

How it all started

I’m Nailya – and I founded Plus Samples back in 2003. Just me and my pattern cutting table. I had a small baby and all I wanted was to make a bit of extra money and fill my time on maternity leave.

It became an amazing journey full of colour and possibility. I fell in love with the process of cutting, sampling and stitching, of bringing designs to life. I knew very quickly that this wasn’t a maternity leave hobby. This would be my lifelong career and passion.

Moving up and out

The little table I started with soon became a sampling room and production unit. With a handful of dedicated clients and a fast-growing reputation, I moved out of my spare bedroom and into my first studio. I hired my first employee.

As my team kept growing, every time I hired, I took my time. I’ve only ever recruited people who, like me, are dedicated craftspeople. All of us are skilful professionals who know, not only how to use a sewing machine, but how to work together to meet deadlines and challenges.

Now, we have a team of 11 skilled sample machinists, two garment cutters and one pattern cutter. Plus a studio manager who works alongside me to help tie everything together.


We work only on CMT production and garment development, from single samples to garment production projects. We offer sampling, production and grading with no minimum order.

Our set-up means that 150 per style is our maximum order size.


For pattern cutting and sampling orders, we can work from your sketches and inspirational images.

For production orders, we’ll need your full tech pack to start a conversation.