Sneak Peek into our London Studio

GEORGIA HARDINGE AW15 - Skirt - UK garment manufacture Plus Samples

Our Story

The business was founded in 2003 by Nailya Belkacemi. 

Beginning life as a one-woman operation providing pattern cutting services from a small studio in Fulham the business has organically grown into a full scale operation with a dedicated creative team of machinists and pattern cutters. 

The cornerstone of our success is our attention to detail and our commitment to quality and excellence in service.

Our studio has produced fashion collections that where showcased on the most prestigious catwalks and worn by prominent celebrities. 

Confidentiality is not taken lightly by us. Your creative ideas are treasured and kept confidential at all times.

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Sustainability Goals

Let’s face it…. The Fashion Industry is changing and rightly so. We have a responsibility to change the issues for good. 

We have taken our own steps toward a more sustainable approach to manufacturing clothes. Whilst we have not achieved all our goals, we have made a number of improvements to our manufacturing processes and the way we support our staff. 

Who makes our clothes and where is now as important as how we dealt with our rubbish or what electricity we are using. 

There is much to be done but we are hugely encouraged to see what our clients have done so far and we are all heading in the right direction. 

a golden dress we made worn during a photoshoot beside a picture of it being stitched

The Academy

A nagging thought for many years has been how we can make the manufacturing experience an easier and more enjoyable process for new designers. 

With our 20+ years of experience, we are on a mission to actively foster new designers creativity and come alongside their creative process by providing our know-how.

To offer a 360 degree support, we created the Fashion Production Academy where fashion designers can accrued the knowledge and practical skills they can apply in their business immediately.


Our Team

We have the best team! Between this lot there are probably over 300 years of experience as cutters, machinists and sample makers. 

Daria did her masters in languages before she was launched into fashion production. Now 4 years under her belt, she is a pro in textile and garment technology. Her passion for fashion and her organisational skills make her a joy to work with.


Operations Manager

Alla has many years of extensive training and experience as a pattern cutter to show for. She started as a manual cutter and now is an expert in digital cutting. Her next mission is to expand her know-how to pattern grading. She is excellent at visualising designer concepts and approaches every project with creativity and enthusiasm.


Pattern Cutter

Sventlana came to Plus Samples from a large manufacturing set up where she was leading a team of 30 machinists. She is sharing 3 decades of sewing experience with the team and her incredible attention to detail and high quality standards make her a real asset. She enjoys challenges and compares sewing complex garments to a puzzle-solving game.


Team Leader

Tanya joined Plus Samples over 6 years ago and we are so glad she is with us. As a QCer and garment presser she has a keen eye and attention to detail. She has brought her positive energy love for dynamic work tasks to the team. Her professional attitude and warmth is such an asset.


QC and Garment Pressing

Tatyana is especially experienced in working with corsetry and bridal wear. She has been with Plus Samples the longest and is known to our clients as the woman who always smiles. She is full of energy and optimism and loves a good challenge.


Sample Machinist

Leonora has a warm and friendly personality. She is one of the most loved and respected team members. Her extensive experience and ability to tackle any task that is thrown at her make her an invaluable asset. If her help is needed on the production line, she will be happy to assist and share her experience with the novice team members.


Sample Machinist

Fashion is her true passion. Even on her holidays, she finds time to create outfits for herself and her family. She started at Plus Samples over a decade ago and has grown to one of the senior team members due to her knowledge and hard work. Her ability to sew made her a better garment cutter - she truly understands what machinists need and strives to help them to be more efficient.


Head Of Cutting Room

Nailya has 20+ years of experience in the industry. She has taken the studio from a one-woman operation to what it is today. Nailya is very much present and involved in all the daily studio activities. Her hands-on approach and decades of industry experience gained the respect of many clients.


Founder And CEO