by guesstimating the cost of your garments?

Are you

Are you losing money by guestimating the cost of your garments?

We've put together a GARMENT COSTING SHEET to help you to stay on top of your expenses!

We are not simply a manufacturing studio.
We are a team of creative professionals and dedicated craftspeople.
For nearly two decades, clients have returned to us again and again.
Those who work with us know that they can trust us to deliver quality every single time.
We are on your side.
For every project, we listen, learn and create a partnership.
We are not the cheapest option, and we are not trying to be.
Our priority is the same as yours: delivering results and growth for your business.

Pattern Cutting


Do not restrict your creativity. Show us what you've got!

Garment making


Stand out from the competitors with high quality samples.


Attract more sales with a consistent fit and save materials with efficient layout

Garment Production


Make your customers
fall in love with your garments.

Fashion Consultancy


Confidently walk through the corridors of the fashion supply chain.

5 reasons

5 reasons to choose us

We are in the business to help you succeed

We understand that our failure to deliver will adversely reflect on you. In the same time, your success becomes ours. We are competitive when it comes to producing the very best

We are instilling trust in your brand

your garments will be ethically produced in London by our legally employed team. That should provide confidence to you and your customers. You can get to see our premises physically, take pictures and videos and share with your clients.

We are perfectly sized

we are big enough to manage larger orders but small enough for them not to be lost in between other or left unattended.

We are here to become an extension of your team

When necessary, you can augment your in-house technical team with our experienced cutters and machinists that will complement the skill gaps in your staff.

We are here to make your life easier

with the range of diverse services available, we are able to deliver garments from the initial sketch all the way through to the high volume production. You can rely on us .