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Pattern Cutting Tools On a Table

A pattern takes you from idea to finished design. It’s your map to a successful production run. 

Just as an architect has a blueprint, so you as a designer have a pattern for fashion garments.

When we work to develop your pattern, we’ll do it hand-in-hand with your creativity.

Our focus is always on facilitating your ideas. You’re the guide, and we’re here to help.

What a pattern does?

A pattern will:

📐 Help you gauge fit accurately and build your reputation as a designer.

📐    Your pattern is a communication tool between you and your sample machinist.

📐 Save money in production. A pattern means you can cut out unnecessary steps.

📐    Help you sell more. We know what hanger appeal means and how to achieve it. Patterns are our tool for doing so.

Our approach to pattern making

We take a collaborative approach throughout. 

We’ll begin the process at whatever stage you’re at now, using mood boards, sketches, images and historical references.

If you have a tech pack already, we’ll use it, but you don’t need it at this early stage. We’ll produce one if needed.

Exquisite craftsmanship is at the heart of our pattern making approach (and, indeed, everything we do). 

Like you, we compete on quality, not price.

We’ll work closely with you to define materials and finishes, supervise sample-making and oversee the production run.

Pattern Cutting Tools

  Patterns we produce

  We can advise you on the right kind of pattern for your project.        We produce a toile as a prerequisite to the final pattern.

  📐 Flat patterns

  📐 Draping into flat patterns

  📐 Production patterns

  📐 First and creative patterns

  📐 Digital garment patterns

  📐 Garment blocks or slopers

  📐 We can also carry out pattern alterations and revisions.


  Contact us to get started.


Most frequent questions and answers about our pattern cutting services

We charge an hourly rate to include time spent on pattern cutting, fitting and design sessions. We’ll give you a quote at the beginning of the job.

No, we provide a paper pattern. If your clothing patterns were made digitally, you’ll receive a digital garment pattern in DXF RUL format.

We can’t allow people in the studio unless they’re directly involved in the manufacturing process. We work on multiple projects for different designers and their privacy is important. 

But we do collaborate closely with designers, and are happy to meet you in our meeting area. 

Yes, though we can’t provide free quotes for amendments.

It very depends on the complexity of your garment and the number of fittings needed. We’ll give you a rough outline for the critical path after our initial assessment of your project.

We’re happy to review your design from a technical perspective. But we’re manufacturers, not design experts. We can put you in touch with design consultants from our network who can help you work on the design with you.

We’re happy to, as long as it wouldn’t infringe copyright.

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