We cater for small and medium volume ready-to-wear garment production. All our garments are made in the UK, in our studio in North West London, by our experienced machinists and cutters who are able to handle almost any type of fabrics. All stages of the clothing manufacturing process are closely monitored, with attention to every small detail, ensuring that your highest expectations of quality and consistency are met. We are dedicated to managing and streamlining every process, to provide a competitive delivery schedule. We understand that your business depends on bringing garments to the shop floor on time.

The quality of our production is hugely dependant on our careful  forward planning.  As a busy garment manufacturing unit we require our clients to reserve capacity with us at least one month ahead of the anticipated production start date.  At the booking meeting we will go through each style and every style individually, discussing your requirements and then agree a critical path.

Plus Samples Ltd is a London based high-end and ready-to-wear garment manufacturer and clothing development studio.  We have been providing sampling services and garment production to UK fashion designers and independent boutiques for over 10 years.

We are truly considerate about our work and happy to undertake the most complicated tasks.  We are not afraid of challenges!

We strongly believe that the path to success is based on a relationship of mutual understanding and respect. We approach our work as a team effort between designer and manufacturer. We take time to get to know your specific requirements and create a solution which works for you. We can provide Cut Make and Trim (CMT) or only garment development services. Over the years we have helped many UK Fashion designers to achieve their dreams!