Sampling is an inevitable but important part of the garment development process.  

The quality of your samples can effect your future sales as well as compromise production standards.  

One of the main purposes of sample making is to increase sales, but there is also a secondary purpose for sampling, which is part of the creative process.  This is often overlooked by less experienced personnel.  Although one of the most expensive of processes it can actually save money in the long run, if a sample is produced by technicians with the relevant experience. 

We pride ourselves on our approach to sample creation and endeavour to anticipate any possible problems during garment production.  It’s vital for the sample maker to work closely with the pattern cutter, during this stage of development and another reason that these operations are all kept in-house.  

Additionally good communications with the designer are important at this stage of development, as well a single-minded attention for details.  We are happy to produce your first development or prototype samples, salesman’s or promotional samples, and various sealed samples.

Due to the wide variety of garments and fabrics we are used to working with, we are unable to provide you with a price list for our sample services. However we are able to provide you with an estimate for our development services based on your sketches, technical pack and garment description. Please don’t hesitate to send us your images for no obligation free quote.