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Want to know how to make your fashion business one of the UK’s most ethical clothing brands? Then you need to start

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Making it in London Once designers have found the fabric and the trimmings, the next decision is to source the manufacturing.  While

Dress Production is ready fro delivery

In this article, exhibitor Nailya Belkacemi, managing director at Plus Samples Ltd, provides the guidelines to designers to help smooth the process of selecting the right garment manufacturer. Start the search early - often designers leave it to the last minute; manufacturers in demand might not have immediate availability. With a revival in demand for UK manufacturing, demand can often outstrip supply.

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Global fashion supply chains are complex. It’s often hard to find ethical clothing manufacturers who can give you confidence in their standards. And you’re under pressure to minimise your costs and increase your profits.

The answer is often to look overseas, to countries where labour is cheaper than in the UK. Turkey, Malaysia, Romania, Bangladesh and India all have thriving garment manufacturing sectors. They also often have low