Garment production for London Fashion Week

London Fashion week is a Global premier Fashion exhibition and is a homage to the world of fashion.  Designers both old and new display their new ranges during the weeklong event and you can find everything from cutting edge new designs from first timers to a bespoke handmade crystal covered evening gown.

Displaying your range at London fashion week is the pinnacle of a career that many young designers are aiming for and there is a huge amount to consider other than the initial design of your range including manufacture of design samples, pattern cutting, garment grading and finally garment manufacturing.

This is where choosing the right partner who can take your initial design sketches and turn them into working samples is key to making sure the finished garment hangs correctly and allows the design to be fine-tuned ensuring the finished design works as an item of clothing as well as a stunning piece of design. At Plus Samples we have many years’ experience working with designers, turning their visions into stunning samples that are used to promote the range.

It is a little too late for London Fashion Week 2015 but if you are a budding new designer and want to find out more on our services give us a call on 0208 453 7199,  +44 208 453 7199 from outside the UK or drop us an email and we can help make your fashion dreams come true in the future.

Making London Fashion Show Samples