Grading is the process of creating an agreed range of sizes prior to manufacturing.

Usually, this stage comes after your garment pattern has been fully developed and tested.  This is normally done by making and agreeing on the sample production, then by fit testing and implementing any necessary amendments.

It’s advisable to refrain from  a pattern grading  until you are confident  in the fit, design and details of construction. An extra layer to our services is pattern checking prior to gradin and tech packs.

What you will receive:

We  will supply you with a digitally graded paper  patterns graded to your own size specifications. If required we will  help you to develop your company grading rules and size charts. 

Our grading charges are based on the number of pattern pieces and sizes. Minimum charge is for grading of three sizes and 1-4 pattern pieces, consistent grade; it includes pattern digitising, patterns plotted on a premium grade white paper and a digital file in DXF. RUL. format. There is a 10% surcharge for each size of inconsistent/ jump grades.

Additionally, we can provide you with either a full sized or a mini marker to help you lower your fabric costs.

Please get in touch or call 020 8930 8308 to discuss our Grading Services. We also offer Sample Production, Pattern Cutting and Garment Production services for fashion designers and independent boutiques.